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Food tells a story

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Our menu combines comforting favourites with unique elements that each mean something to us. Chef Ian Cooke carefully selects ingredients to create dishes that are distinctive and full of flavour.

One example is Poutine ― a Canadian classic that holds a special place in owner James Pickard's belly from his years working as a programmer in Montreal. This amazing dish is made from fries, cheese curds, and gravy and is simple yet satisfying food.

Owner Rob has spent years perfecting his technique of smoking mature cheddar cheese. Now, we proudly feature our own smoked ham and cheese on the menu in a variety of ways.

Our love of chillies led us to ferment Habanero peppers, which we use to make our seriously spicy Fire Dragon sauce. It's a personal favorite of ours and we hope it can become one of yours too.

To make our food easily accessible, we offer an online takeout service at Come check out our current menu and indulge in our culinary story.

View our current menu